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High-Value-Client You are a Marksman. With your rifle, every potential client you took aim at in a targeted group, you conquered. How would you feel about that? If you used a shotgun, or a pellet gun to conquer the same potential clients, missing most. how would you feel about that? With a rifle and with only one bullet to use, you will always hit your target, because taking your time and aim works best.… Continue reading


Likely, you don’t NEED a Mentor.             You may DESIRE a Mentor.                         This AUTHOR is a Mentor. Working with Nick could likely:  CRYSTALIZE your thinking make clear your thoughts and aspirations open new doors for you get to places you may have only dreamed about polish your communication skills help you focus on what is important to you clarify your goals and leadership see the bigger picture for what you want out of your life see everything in the future much more clearly focus on what matters to you clarify your purpose and magnetize your strengths you have NO competition; learn HOW  build better and lasting relationships Call Nick NOW and discuss how he will work with you to satisfy your claim and help you redefine and create anew your future, profitably.… Continue reading


I don’t really know why I was so rebellious as a young boy. Was it because I felt so distant from my family, from everyone? I remember growing up feeling so lonely, so unsure of today, tomorrow. Looking for answers to unspoken questions, feeling so confused and distant from everyone, wondering, foundering, looking for answers to life and myself.… Continue reading

After two weeks, HE sent me back!

I’ve been longing for the purpose in my life. Why am I living?   All my life I thought my purpose was to be a meaningful husband and a good father to my children. At age nineteen, I married a very nice child (she was sixteen). We were convinced that we were doing the right thing, and we did so for fifteen years.… Continue reading

a nation of intolerance and selfishness

We are becoming a nation of intolerance and selfishness. From the top-down, we call for violence and disobedience to resolve differences not only within our borders but off-shore as well. The recent violence in Charlottesville, VA claims the life of one and numerous injuries. People came to hate and hate they did.… Continue reading


Countries of this world are at odds with each other; fighting against each other is rampant; the leading nation of the free world is in turmoil with internal political fighting and in disarray. Where is civility, truth, justice, peace of mind, honor, truth? If the leading country of our free world is in disarray and heading towards anarchy, where is the trust, the truth for others of our world to follow?… Continue reading


ATTENTION: Human Resource Department Fight back against negative employees who bring their negative lifestyle and disruptive opinions to work. Interfere before they get to their workstation by giving them the tools they need to work with before they get to their workstation. But, you are not a policeman, you may not notice bad behavior in order to intervene.… Continue reading


OLD STYLE TECHNIQUES DON’T WORK, NEVER DID By Nicholas R. De Stefano NEW YORK — When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wanted to crack down on leaks last week, he collected his aides’ cell phones to check for communication with reporters. The crackdown quickly leaked. As reported in MSN news today, Tuesday, February 28, 2017, as reported by DAVID BAUDER and JONATHAN LEMIRE, Associated Press What is this BULLY DICTATOR in the White House doing to Democracy in our country?… Continue reading


DEATH, DESTRUCTION When I was in the Army, I was taught how to empty, store, clean and shoot my weapons. I became a Sharpshooter in the Army because I enjoyed the art and practice of shooting. One feels the awesome power of shooting a weapon and becomes very familiar with the weapon and the consequences of using a weapon.… Continue reading


By Nicholas R. De Stefano Dateline: Washington, DC From his bully pulpit, President Donald J. Trump begins to live up to his campaign Promises, by decrees! Mr. Trump recently signs an Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the United States of America, a country proud of its Immigrant Status, causing an uproar in the world.… Continue reading
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